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Xeon better than p4 ?
Hi I am just about to order a Xeon 3.0ghz 2mb cache with 1 gig of ram for a gameserver it is going to be running Fedora core 4 on a dedicated 100mbit connection. What should this server be able to manage I was hopijng for 60 player slots at 66tick but Im not buying it to make a profit just to learn more bout this kinda stuff and get a nice server for ma clan. Any suggestions im quite new to linux dont know too much BASH but have been messin around on ma pc with suse for a few days. I have read all the tutorials on this site and optimizing scripts. Do you guys have anything tht could be useful thx.
I kinda thought tht Xeon wud be better than p4 because it is designed for servers and workstations the one i am getting has EM64T architecture so I think it is the newer version.

Thanks all.
Jep it is, and it's more expensive too Toungue, but if you take a P4 2600 mhz and compere's it with a Xeon P4 2600, the Xeon will win, it a specially designet CPU for Servers only, it has more chache then a normal P4.
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