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cant join own server
OK i set up a srcds for counterstrike source everything is going well but one thing everybody else can join but me i tried to type connect (external ip) but it says failed after 4 retrys. dont say "you cant host a server and play css at the same time" cause i know you can cause i have done it before. my ports are fowarded proply cause no one has trouble joining (but me).
thanks in advanced Big Grin
anybody please?
You must connect with your local ip. /faceplam * * *
yes i have already tried that
please anything else
connect localhost:27015
nope that doesent work either i type it up in console but nothing happens it doesent even say error
please i really need to be able to go on this server
Are your on the same network as the server? And do you host and play on the same server?(computer)
yes, but please dont say that i cant play and host on the same comp cause i have done it and i know people who do it
You can do it if you know what your doing.

Do you do both?
i did with the dedicated server that you get with steam but then that stoped working for some reason so i used srcds which is better, everyone else can join but not me. yes i do both so how do i make it work? please help
Try connecting to your local IP. ( and then router ip)
nope that doesent work. failed after 4 retrys
any more suggestions?
Try your actual ip on your local network (192.x.x.x)
done it but its still says failed after 4 retrys :S
any more?
The server is running on the computer that you write on? (desktop!)

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