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[Resolved] Only Lan
Server OS: Windows 7 64 Bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
Ram: 4GB
Game: TF2
Start up command: C:\Valve\HLServer\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game tf -secure +map ctf_2fort -autoupdate +log on +maxplayers 24 -port 27015 +ip +exec server.cfg

Bandwidth: 25.2 down/ 4.5 up
Router: Aciontek MI-424-WR
Local IP:
External IP:
Port Forward ss:
[Image: portforward.png]

I'm thinking its a windows firewall thing, but I'm probably wrong. Newb here, so TIA!

Its also saying my client is out of date, so i ran the hlds tool to update and it still says to update.. hmm...
keep updating. What's your install line?
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(04-13-2010, 10:42 AM)Mooga Wrote:  keep updating. What's your install line?

for srcds: C:\Valve\HLServer\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game tf -secure +map ctf_2fort -autoupdate +log on +maxplayers 24 -port 27015 +ip +exec server.cfg

and for hlds: C:\Valve\HLServer\HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game tf -dir c:\valve\hlserver
try do
HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game tf -dir .
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you gotta give each thing its own service type thing, give one to the tcp and one to the udp, I would know, ive had the same exact problem (i use verizon) it might be diffrent for you though.
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got it workin, i had some stuff screwed up on my end :-D
helps to not look at it for a few days

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