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SDS, temp files?

hello first i want to introduce myself and let it be known how much i truly respect and love the Valve Developer Community. Through the only couple years that ive been learning to map for HL1/HL2, Ive always been able to find answers or get answers back. truly i want want to say thank you to everyone that has been here to help us all out.

my main question is, what are all the MAIN TEMP files/folders that are created on a dedicated server, that tend to BOGGLE, JITTER, LAG, up the overall status and ping from clients to the server. Is there certain folders that can be cleaned out weekly/biweekly? also, in the same sense, is there folders that should maybe never be cleaned out..? We are getting wierd spikes on our server here n there and im not sure excatly what the case is, but i'm just hoping someone knows ways keep a dedicated server (clean n refreshed) i guess ud say

also, i notice, when using my SMARTFTP to manage the server, the DOWNLOADS folder is filled with hundreds of files. ARE THESE ABLE TO BE CLEANED OUT / RESET?


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