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HL2:dm High Kill server config and misc questions?

I searched and did not find anything quite like what i was looking for if there is something sorry, please link to it and i will go hide in a corner or something.

What I am looking todo is to set up a Low gravity (easy can do) fast download (looks easy should be able todo), High Kill (cant do that yet), and infinite aux power with out enabling Sv_cheats (can't do yet). for example see redneck grave yard

So maybe somewhere there is a High Kill admin who would be willing to help me out. If you could tell me how to enable inf. aux power that would be great. I was also looking for away to beef up the damage of the guns, as well as change the number of rounds that can be loaded, and the maximum number that you can pick up.

I also wanted to know about how much bandwidth does voice chat use, i assume very little but idk for sure.

Any advice on running a server would be great!!!!

Thanks guys (gals)

GL Toungue Whats High Kill?
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basicly high damage guns with high damage and modified ammo capacities
So its some kind of gun server modification?
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basicly I need to incrase the damage that weapons do, and the rounds you can cary (and load) as well as turn infinite aux power on w/o enabling cheats. It can be doone because I play on a server like that
They would probably use some kind of modification you best beat would be to contact them.
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