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[HLDS] How many slots/servers?
AMD Athlon64 3000+ s754 (2GHz, singlecore)
1GB ram

Raw HLDS (Counter-Strike 1.6), no amx etc..

Unlimited 100/100Mbps pipe.
Unlimited 100/100Mbps pipe. <<< thats very senseless, the most people think thats important for gameserver but it isnt! Thats only the bandwith and its good to calculate how mutch player could play at the same time on the server. But normally you cant run this amount of server to overkill the 100mbps pipe, hopefully you mean the pipe/connection of the server serviceprovider.

I would recommend for your system only one server with 12 slots. Perhaps you can try 20 but i think the FPS would go worse if the server is full.

I have fibreoptic in my home Toungue.
1 or 2x 20 slots HLDS servers without any addons should function just fine...

Its HLDS which uses almost no resources.. SO you should be fine if you run the defaults.
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