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L4D2 - Random User Map Change Freeze
Server is a CentOS Linux 5 with a Dual Intel Xeon E5430 Harpertown Processor @ 2.66GhZ, and 4GB of RAM. The server is completely vanilla in terms of mods, and is joined via lobbies only.

What happens is at a map change at least one user will randomly freeze at the loading screen. Upon entering the game world, the other players find that the player who has received the freeze is instantly marked "Idle:".

Despite having the loading screen freeze, the server is still able to communicate with the player. Yet for some reason the player is not able to enter the game world and play.

I've been wrestling with this issue for weeks, and users only experience it on this server.

Just to further demonstrate whats wrong, I recorded a very small (20MB) video with no audio that shows the error. Its a little longer than it needs to be (I was trying to demonstrate that even with cl_timeout set to 120 the issue still persists) but is only 3 minutes.

The moments of most note are 0:27 where the freeze actually occurs, and 2:07 where I show that the server still sees and is communicating with the player. At the end I show what other players see of the person who receives the freeze.

Any suggestions on what to do?

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