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Big TF2 Server Problem
Hi everyone,
I'm trying to host my own server and I am not able to acheive it.

I have try 3 different way of doing it :
1 - Directly with the Steam tool ''TF2 dedicated Server''
2 - As a windows operated server (with .bat file for launching the server, etc)
3 - With a server provided directly on internet (zebhosting provider)

On Every case, I'm not able to make it work properly.

On the 2 first configuration, I'm able to see the server but in the lan tab only. I'm not able to find my server in the internet tab and my friends are not able to log on my server or even to see it. It's even say that Valve security device is on and working...

On the 3rd case, I'm not even seeing the server in the TF2 list and have no clue why or how to fix it.

I have follow all the instructioon on internet for the setup, but is there any reason why I'm not seeing my server?? Where should I go or do to make it work.

Thanks you very much for any your time and consideration.
For number two, you need to set up port forwarding and give your friends your EXTERNAL IP.
For the third, are you using web space or a dedicated server?
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For #2
I have already foward the port 27014 to 27016 in my router.
In my server windows it's says :
'' NetWork IP''
''Adding Master Server''
''Adding Master Server''

Which one is my EXTERNAL IP and where do they have to insert it in order to see my map in the Internet tab of TF2. Is there a way to configure it a for making it accessible for everyone?


For #3
It's dedicated server : TF2_66_8slots (located in NY)
It's almos the same things as #2 but on an external server. I have access to all server file, server.cfg and everything.
My server address is


Thanks you for your fast answer.


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