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Terrorist Team Randomly Wins?
Server OS: Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.7 Ghz
Ram: 1GB
Game(s): CS:S
Start Up Command: ./srcds_run -console -game cstrike -maxplayers 50 +map zm_lila_panic_aku -port 27018
Admin Mods: Mani, SourceMod, MetaMod, SourceOP, EventScripts, Es_Tools.

For some reason, just out of no where, the Terrorist team will win, and when neither team has done anything. Is this a glitch in the Zombie Riot plugin, or is this something else?
1. Why do you have so many plugins that do the same thing?
2. Have you tried disabling/enabling the plugins one at a time and seeing which on causes this problem?
~ trewq
Yeah, I agree with Goilio? Why do you need mani and sourcemod? I would get ride of everything cept sourcemod and meta. That would be your best bet.
I use Mani for my TK manager, stats, and other features. I use SourceMod for zombie riot and other fun plugins, I use SourceOP for building and "Power Users", I use EventScripts/Es_tools for plugins that help improve the server.
Try removing some one them to fix the problem. Thats no doubt the reason. It probably has to do with the hosties of the bomb site or anything of that nature.

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