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Ubuntu server join help.
Hello everybody Smile

i've got a problem with my CS:S server on ubuntu 9.10 Desktop.
There aren't any errors when i start the server, i've made a static IP, forwarded port nr. 27015 and 1200 and set the sv_lan to 0.
The problem is when somebody outside LAN wants to join they can't....
and yes people on LAN can join it Smile

the ip is

hope u can help Smile
Open these ports:

UDP: 1200 (used for friends service)
UDP: 27000 to 27015 inclusive
TCP: 27020 to 27050 inclusive
UDP: 27015 and 27020 (default HLDS, SRCDS and HLTV port)
TCP: 27015 (SRCDS Rcon port)

What is your startupline?
./srcds_run -game cstrike +map de_dust2 -tickrate 33 +maxplayers 12 -ip +port 27015

i'll try that Smile
same problem with the other ports ...
Problem solved, a port change made it Smile

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