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[TF2] A problem regarding, arena mode, and waiting for players.
Right, it seems like I'm not nearly the first person to have this problem, but can't find a solution after extensive searching.

- Essentially, I switch the map to arena, "waiting for players" counts down to 0, and there it stays. Everyone's sitting as a player "waiting to play" until I put mp_waitingforplayers_cancel 1 in console, then it says "stale mate" and we get started. Now seeing the problem, I have tried putting mp_waitingforplayers_cancil 1 in all the arena_*map*.cfg's I have created for changing win limits, the config.cfg and the config_arena.cfg I have added

mp_waitingforplayers_cancel 1
mp_waitingforplayerstime 0
mp_disablewaitingforplayers 1

to all of them, and I still have to manually do it every time I switch to arena ;(. The commands may not be 100% accurate in this post, but I know they where when I used them in the cfg's, because I looked them up in tf2 console.

Thanks in advance guys.
Bugger, ill add server.cfg in a sec

Bugger, ill add server.cfg in a sec[hr]
// this is your server name as shown in the server list
hostname "[FBP] Funky Bear Pie [pug style setup | comp rotation] |"

sv_password ""
// your server password. a pair of double quotes means it is not set and anyone can join

// start rcon settings

rcon_password "catatonic"
// your rcon password to log into the dev rcon console or HLSW rcon console
sv_rcon_banpenalty 5
// Number of minutes to ban users who fail rcon authentication
sv_rcon_maxfailures 10
// Max number of times a user can fail rcon authentication before being banned

// end rcon settings

// start cvars for balancing un-even teams

mp_autoteambalance 1
// 0 is off and 1 is on. if 1 then should be used in conjunction with the following 3 commands
mp_autoteambalance_delay 10
// Time (in seconds) after the teams become unbalanced to attempt to switch players
mp_autoteambalance_warning_delay 3
// Time (in seconds) after the teams become unbalanced to print a balance warning
mp_teams_unbalance_limit 2
// Teams are unbalanced when one team has this many more players than the other (0 disables)

// end cvars for balancing un-even teams

// start cvars for round and game times

mp_enableroundwaittime 1
// Enable or disable timers to wait between rounds. 0 is off 1 is on
mp_bonusroundtime 20
// Time after round win until round restarts (in seconds)
mp_restartround 20
// Time the current round will restart (in seconds)
mp_stalemate_timelimit 120
// Timelimit (in seconds) of the stalemate round
mp_timelimit 20
// game time per map in minutes

// end cvars for round and game times

// start cvars for win conditions

mp_maxrounds 11
// Max number of rounds to play before server changes maps
mp_winlimit 6
// Max number of rounds one team can win before a server changes maps

// end cvars for win conditions

// start client specific cvars

mp_forcecamera 0
// force dead clients to first person mode disabling freelook. 0 is off 1 is on
mp_allowspectators 1
// enable or disable spectators on the server. 0 is off 1 is on
mp_friendlyfire 0
// 0 is off and clients can do harm to team mates. 1 is on and players can kill or injure team mates
mp_footsteps 1
// footsteps on or off. 0 is off and 1 is on
sv_cheats 0
// allow cheats to be used by the client. 0 is off 1 is on
sv_timeout 300
// the amount of time in seconds that a client is booted for no input
sv_maxspeed 320
// the maximun speed a client can move at
sv_consistency 1
// Force clients to pass a consistency check for critical files before joining server. 0 is off 1 is on
decalfrequency 10
// the pause in seconds between a decal being sprayed

// end client specific cvars

// start cvars for communication

sv_voiceenable 1
// allow players to use a microphone. 0 is off 1 is on
sv_alltalk 0
// toggles whether both teams can hear each others voice comms or not. 0 is off 1 is on. recommend it being off
mp_chattime 10
// players can chat for this amount of time (in seconds) after a game is over

// end cvars for communication

sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1

// start bandwidth rates/settings

sv_minrate 10000
sv_maxrate 45000
decalfrequency 10
sv_maxupdaterate 100
sv_minupdaterate 66
sv_mincmdrate 66
sv_maxcmdrate 100

// end bandwidth rates/settings

// start server logging

log off
// enable or disable server logging. on is on off is off
sv_logbans 0
// Log server bans in the server logs
sv_logecho 1
// Echo log information to the console. 0 is off 1 is on
sv_logfile 0
// Log server information in the log file. 0 is off 1 is on
sv_log_onefile 0
// log everything in one file

// end server logging

// start cvars for general operation

sv_lan 0
// is this an internet or LAN server. 0 is internet 1 is LAN
sv_region 3
// server location. -1 is the world, 0 is USA east coast, 1 is USA west coast, 2 south america, 3 europe, 4 asia, 5 australia, 6 middle east, 7 africa
// contact email for sysop
sv_pausable 0
// enables or disables whether the server can be paused. 0 is off 1 is on
sv_pure 1
// forces all clients on the server to use content that matches what is on the server. 0 is off 1 is on
sv_pure_kick_clients 1
// kicks clients that do not have content that matches what is on the server

// end cvars for general operation

// TF2 Specific
tf_flag_caps_per_round "3"
tf_stats_track "1"
tf_playergib "1"

// start execute ban files

exec banned_user.cfg
exec banned_ip.cfg

// end execute ban files

// end execute ban files

// Source tv settings

tv_enable 1
//Activates SourceTV on local game server, SourceTV bot will appear as spectator client after next changelevel (master only).
tv_name "The Funky Recorder"
//Sets SourceTV name as it appears in server browser and scoreboard (master only).
tv_title "The Funky Recorder"
//Sets a SourceTV broadcast title shown in the spectator GUI
tv_maxclients "128"
//Sets maximum client number for local SourceTV server/proxy (default 128).
tv_autoretry 1
//If enabled, SourceTV relay proxies try to reconnect to last known server after connection was lost.
tv_timeout 25
//Sets SourceTV relay proxy connection timeout in seconds. If a connection times out, the relay proxy tries to reconnect automatically.
tv_delay 5
//Source TV broadcast delay in seconds (master only).
tv_delaymapchange 1
//Delays the map change on game server until rest of buffered game has been broadcasted
tv_port 27021
//Set the SourceTV host port (default 27020). Must be set as srcds start parameter.
tv_autorecord 1
//Automatically records every game, demo file name format is auto-YYYYMMDD-hhmm-map.dem
tv_debug 1
//Shows additional debugging messages
tv_transmitall 1
//By default entities and events outside of the auto-director view are removed from SourceTV broadcasts to save bandwidth. If tv_transmitall is enabled, the whole game is transmitted and spectators can switch their view to any player they want. This option increases bandwidth requirement per spectator client by factor 2 to 3.
tv_chattimelimit 0
//Limits spectators to chat only every n seconds
tv_chatgroupsize 12
//Set chat group size to n spectators. Only spectators in the same chat group can speak to each other. Chat groups are turned off with "tv_chatgroupsize 0" and everybody can speak to everybody. Setting chat groups helps reducing chatter noise and saves some bandwidth.
tv_allow_static_shots 1
//Allows auto-director to choose fixed camera shots (master only)
tv_allow_camera_man 0
//Allows spectator clients on game server to become SourceTV camera men (master only)

// Class limits

sm_classrestrict_enabled 0
//Enable/disable restricting classes in TF2.
sm_classrestrict_flags "sm_admin"
//Admin flags for restricted classes in TF2.
sm_classrestrict_immunity 0
//Enable/disable admins being immune for restricted classes in TF2.
sm_classrestrict_blu_demomen 1
sm_classrestrict_blu_engineers 2
sm_classrestrict_blu_heavies 2
sm_classrestrict_blu_medics 1
sm_classrestrict_blu_pyros 2
sm_classrestrict_blu_scouts 2
sm_classrestrict_blu_snipers 2
sm_classrestrict_blu_soldiers 2
sm_classrestrict_blu_spies 2
//Limits for Blu classes in TF2. (-1 for no limit, anything higher will be the limit for that class. Default -1)
sm_classrestrict_red_demomen 1
sm_classrestrict_red_engineers 2
sm_classrestrict_red_heavies 2
sm_classrestrict_red_medics 1
sm_classrestrict_red_pyros 2
sm_classrestrict_red_scouts 2
sm_classrestrict_red_snipers 2
sm_classrestrict_red_soldiers 2
sm_classrestrict_red_spies 2
//Limits for Red classes in TF2.

// Additional commands

tf_weapon_criticals 0
tf_damage_disablespread 1
tf_use_fixed_weaponspreads 1
tf_ctf_bonus_time 0
tf_arena_first_blood 0
tf_teamtalk 1
tf_debug_flamethrower 1
tf_debug_damage 1
sv_allow_wait_command 0

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