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which mods do you like?
Hello Smile
I've just installed SRCDS on a Windows computer, and i would like to know which mods you use? and which ones run best without LAG and high ping?

Also i've heard bad things about mani_admin? which admin should i use?

Hope you can help c(:
Sourcemod ( ) with plugins ( ) you like.
Most admin plugins won't change the FPS of your server or lag them. Sourcemod out of the zip (or tarball) runs fine. You can even add plugins and you should be fine. Just when you add plugins that change graphics or alter gameplay is when you server will lag more or less. Depending on your mods.
Mani Admin Plugin
Mattie's Eventscripts- abundant amount of mods/plugins - very customized
Metamod Source
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Mani Admin Plugin - Admin menus and commands fast and very easy to use! (No security holes)
Matties EventScripts - Custom Scripts and addons
zBlock - Anti-Cheat/Exploit
DoS Attack Fixer - Server DoS protection

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