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[Resolved] sv_downloadurl help.
Hey SRCDS forums I'm here again to ask any of you guys to help me with the sv_downloadurl I look around the web to see a webhosting site but none of them seem to be good somehow doesn't work. the fast download works on me and some of my clan mates but others can't download them for some reason. I tried everything. Files are organized. In the web server it has bz2 files and in the srcds server it has the regular files.

sv_downloadurl "http://***************"
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_allowupload 1

I wonder how it didn't work for some people o.0

Please help me and probably can help by teamviewing.

-Thanks SRCDS forums. and Please Reply.
That website loaded a little slow for me or It could be the fact that you're using a free hosting service that doesn't permit hosting downloads ( Read their ToS )...

I'm going to be releasing a better free fast download system for users to use, however it is not available at this time.
Contact me at brandon [at]

I might be able to get you on the system before release. ( It's free and you don't have to be a customer. )
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Thanks loopyman.

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