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Belkin 54g (server not responding)
Okay so i have a belkin 54g router and i have an ethernet cat5 running into my computer and i opened my ports, I think. and also did all the stuff with the website and changed what i was told from other sources. friends cannot join still. unless i give them the ip i was given from and then theyll join. how can i make it so anyone can join my server? without having to give them the ip and stuff?
its a dedicated server for garrysmod and friends can join when i give them ip but no one ever joins unless i invite them. does that mean that my server isnt showing up on the internet list for the servers when people are searching? if so please help me make it as open as possible for anyone to join and see that it shows up.

i am so confused!

i am going into the server.cfg file right now and am going to put the ip as the one listed from and see if that helps.
also ill put a autoexec command saying connect **********:27015
hope that helps!

EDIT:: It didnt help Sad

but please help me in anyway you can!
thankyou in advance!

-ChewyBig Grin
Add hostname "Name you prefer" to the servers server.cfg and see if the server is in the serverlist
Make sure your ports are open by going to your routers administration page. Then do the hostname thing if you haven't done it already. It should show up in the list, even with a dynamic IP, mine does if I host over my home network... Open port 27015 in TCP and UDP...SRCDS uses UDP so forwarding TCP Does not make sense anyway! Thats all thats needed normally to get the dedicated server to show up.

Do you use -nomaster in your command line on startup? Make sure your console shows "Adding master server" twice and then "Connection to steam servers successful"...Or something similar, I cannot remember as I start SRCDS using a Windows Service normally Smile If you are not already using the console, add -console to your command line parameters it makes your server more efficient.

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