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hltv - solved
I have a linux distro. I am trying to run hltv, the port 27020 is not being used by anything else.

I execute the following in a .SH file:
./hltv -ip x.x.x.x -port 27020 +maxclients 15 -maxfps 100 +exec hltv.cfg -autoupdate
echo hltv

I get the following errors:

All of the commands in the hltv.cfg end up with the following message:
WARNING! System:Big GrinispatchCommand: command "delay 180.0 " not registered.

Then I get the following message that repeats itself:
WARNING! System::RunFrame: system time difference <= 0.

My hltv.cfg is attached.

Does anyone have ANY idea of how to fix this?

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.cfg   hltv.cfg (Size: 1.53 KB / Downloads: 11)
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=".:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" && ./hltv +connect serverinfo:27015 -ip hltvip -port hltvport +exec hltv.cfg +serverpassword dingleberry -autoupdate
Thank You, that did the trick!

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