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[Resolved] high ping on my own server

hey guys... has been more than 1 week that i'm having this problem...

my own ping is around 90-100ms
but the srcds and the game are in the same pc...
why is it lagging?

i've tried setting high priority for srcds.exe process but then my game starts to run in really low fps... around 15-30fps

WHAT CAN I DO to solve this?

i'll be waiting for answers...
Probably bad pc Big Grin
Use a FPS booster for your server.
(03-19-2010, 03:33 AM)realchamp Wrote:  Probably bad pc Big Grin
Use a FPS booster for your server.

no, it just happened suddenly... like, from a day to other... and it was running preety fine before that... my pc is a P4, 1 gb ram though...
Have you installed any new programs in the last few days? How often do you restart your computer?
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weird... it's normal suddenly
anyway... i bought +1gb ram Big Grin
hope it keeps fine.

thanks ppl Big Grin

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