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Web-based Server Administration

I run a Dedicated Server for my clan, we currently have three Counter-Strike: Source servers (1x Public, 2x Private) and one Day of Defeat: Source server (Public)

None of the clan members except myself have any experience with FTP or VNC/Remote Desktop. I was thinking about a web based administration program, like GameCP but without all of the GSP gubbins. What I want them to be able to do is;

Retrieve demo's from the server (Recorded from SourceTV)
Edit configuration files
Stop/Start/Restart the server(s)
Maybe change mods on the servers

What I dont need is;

Billing module
Anything else that is considered to be needed by a GSP

Does anyone have any suggestions? I dont mind paying but I dont want to be paying for something that has 100 features that I wont use Smile

TightVNC has a web based module included in it...
Very easy to use, I use for my server.

Bit of a security risk if you need to connect to it from
the net... (mines only for LAN use)
Sorry, I mean Web-site based - Like GameCP.

#4 phpadmin.. haven't used it.. but i have heard good things about it. seems pretty easy to use. and is free.

uhh you could also try like this.. haven't really lookd at that any either.. lol. but yea.. just thought i would throw them at ya.. there both free as well. i love free things =)
seems like a cool idea

i might look at these too Smile

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