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2 servers, 2 computers, one network.
hello all, i have come here for some assistance.
is it at all possible to have 2 servers on the network, on two separate computers? if so, what would be the proper port forwarding arrangement.

the servers themselves are not in question, they function fine. but its more about getting them both on the master server at the same time.

i do not have a computer powerful enough to run two at once, so i need to split these up. i have my main garrys mod server running on server port 27015 and client port 27005. and i would like to open a private test server for the development of a addon i'll be working on. so it needs to beable to be joinable. but so far i have not found a good way to do this. all the guides out there just tell you to blanket the port range on one ip. but that effectively blocks out the other server. which ports do i need to forward individually for this to work? so far just forwarding 27015 and 27005 doesn't get the job done.

the router in question is a WPN824 V2

any assistance would be great.
First off, I would not recommend having a server via wireless. That said, your network is not that odd...

The "problem" I see right off the bat is that you are running two routers and thus most likely running double NAT/DHCP.
To overcome this, I would recommend disabling DHCP from the wireless router thus turning it into more of a wireless access point and let your main router handle DHCP for the whole network. You should then be able to forward ports with as many problems.

Does that make sense? I kinda rushed that.
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Sorry if I read your question wrong but is your second router serving as a wireless bridge?
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sorry to update, but now i only have one router. the netgear was only there to server the wireless, because the linksys wireless radio burnt up. but now it is completely burnt up.

so now its just a question of which ports to forward.
i am aware of the pitfalls of wireless servers. but it is not intended for constant outside service. i need quick and direct access to it so i can make modifications to the code for my addon. and my modem is in the living room where i had to place my main server. but getting up and walking all the way across the house is a pain, and remote desktop software is no substitute for live programming.
ill edit the OP with new network info.
Still simple enough, just forward the ports to both servers.
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Hazz Wrote:Has someone helped you on these forums? If so, help someone else
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