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Server's not listed in the main servers list. Read other threads too...
Hi everyone. My server's not listed in the main servers list after the update. I get no AC2 messages anymore, but it's not listed tehre. I have no servers defined in my config file. Any fixes?
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Copied over the old files, players saying, that it shows now, but server's empty anyway. And i would like to use the new files though.
Please post all the info requested in the readme.
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Okay, i'll post the info, that could be related to the update - Windows 7 x64, Counter Strike - Source, no mods (sm, etc...). I don't think CPU, ram or startup command is related to this update, since CS:S server worked and still works with the old server version, from last years end.
tried to do the "heartbeat" command?
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Hmmm, A2C_PRINT from that way...

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