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hi, i am new, some questions..
firstly, i have done a little reserach..and i realised that a file called server.cfg is very important...however..i can't find it on the hlds i juz updated and installed (even using the search command in windows), where is it?

secondly, i believe i need to set the external ip to hlds, how do i do that?

thanks in advance
You have to make your own server.cfg in notepad. Basically, all you do is put any special commands that you want for your server. I dont think that there's any special format, but here's a few examples that you can check out: i dont know anything about an external ip. also, I'm not *exactly* sure where to put the server.cfg, but I know that it goes somewhere in the folder that you're running the server from.
lol well the server.cfg file really doesn't require all that much.. you can make like a full one for css here.. just save it and name it "server.cfg" and place it in cstrike/cfg

and you don't have to "set" the external ip.. you could put it in your server.cfg file with the cmd "ip <ipaddress>" other then that if the ports are forwarded on any router right.. then it will all work just fine.

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