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L4D2 readyup plug-in/assertion
Server OS: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, SP2
Processor: Dual Intel Xeon 3.06GHz
Ram: 8GB
Game(s): L4D2, teamscavenge
Start Up Command: C:\GAME_SERVERS\left4dead2\srcds.exe -console -game left4dead2 -maxplayers 8 -autoupdate +ip -port 27015 +map c1m4_atrium "teamscavenge"
Admin Mods: MM 1.80, SM 1.3.0-hg2898, SM 1.3.1 (release), SM 1.3.2-hg2929, CEVO config with updated readyup and downtown plug-ins

//This is the name for your Left 4 Dead 2 Server
hostname "#TEST"

//Gametypes sets the gametypes you want your server to run
//----> Versus Only: sv_gametypes "versus"
//----> Survival Only: sv_gametypes "survival"
//----> Coop Only: sv_gametypes "coop"
//----> Realism Only: sv_gametypes "realism"
//----> Team Versus Only: sv_gametypes "teamversus"
//----> Scavenge Only: sv_gametypes "teamscavenge"
sv_gametypes "teamscavenge"

//Rcon password - Sets the password for remote rcon admin
rcon_password "xxxxx"

//Lan or Internet
//1 = Lan
//0 = Internet
sv_lan 1

sv_search_key "mysearchkey"

//Steam group # to assign to server
//sv_steamgroup 8888

//<1> Do not connect to the Match Making Service
sv_steamgroup_exclusive 0

//Allow connections without creating lobby
sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0

//Region - This sets the lobby in which your server will be part of
//You will want to set this to the closest location to your server
//eastcoast - sv_region 0
//westcoast - sv_region 1
//south america - sv_region 2
//europe - sv_region 3
//asia - sv_region 4
//australia - sv_region 5
//middle east - sv_region 6
//africa - sv_region 7
//world - sv_region 255
sv_region 1

//Allow use of cheats
//0 = Off
//1 = On
sv_cheats 0

//All talk - Allow both teams to use audio chat to speak with each other
//0 = Off
//1 = On
sv_alltalk 0

//----> End of editable settings

//Disable all SM plugins except for core, RUP
l4d_ready_competition 1

//scavenge tourney setup
//Set the game mode to scavenge
sm_cvar mp_gamemode scavenge

//Max players
l4d_maxplayers 8

//Do not kick players out of the server when its empty
sm_cvar sb_all_bot_team 1

//Allow players to switch teams 9999 times per map
sm_cvar vs_max_team_switches 9999

//Configure the RUP plugin
l4d_ready_enabled 1
l4d_ready_both_halves 0
l4d_ready_minimum_players 6
l4d_ready_search_key_disable 1
l4d_ready_pause_allowed 0
l4d_ready_pause_duration 90.0

Hello all, this is my first post here, but far from my last as I travel down the wonderful road that is LAN administration. I'll get to the point:

When starting the server with default SM plug-ins, everything is fine. When I attempt to use the latest version of the L4D[2] Ready Up plugin (v0.17.3) in conjunction with the required Left 4 Downtown extenstion (L4D2 v0.4.6.0), the map loads twice (not related?), and upon client connect, the following assertion failure ocurrs and the server quits:

workthreadpool.cpp(296) : Assertion failed!
cworkthreadpool::stop work threads : Some threads required forible termination
utlmemory.h (326) : Assertion failed: isidxvalid(i)

The windows error is:
Instruction at 0x3813cd2e refernced memory at 0x00000010 could not be read

Any thoughts assistance would be a BIG help, as I have a LAN tournament Friday night and I really want to use the plug-in. It does seem that without the plug-in I do not have the issue, but the error(s) seem pretty substantial.

I've also tried the CEVO config with the same result.

Thank you,

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