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Can't browse internet while running srcds
I managed to get a dedicated srcds server up and running today, however I am having a few problems. Just for background my internet connection is fiber optic (2mbps up, 13 mbps down)

1. When running the srcds server I cannot surf the web, basically I lose my connection though ventrilo still works unless I disconnect, then I cannot reconnect. MSN messenger acts the same way. I remember this happening when I used torrents years ago. Are my ports flooded? Anyone know how to fix this?

2. When I close srcds my dedicated server is still running. If I run it again it will create another dedicated server, so there will be 3-4 duplicates on the stream groups server list.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Check the exact model of your router. I know I had similar issues because my old router had a half-duplex WAN port... which is useless.
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Make sure nothing else is running, and check your wires to make sure theres no problems there. also to fix your restarting problem with your servers so it doesn't create multiple instance's. Add this to the startup command.


Can we also have some information about your router (if you have one) Smile
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