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Bad Challenge errors
When I run my server, I get Bad Challenge errors in my console. I searched the forums and I saw that it wasn't dangerous and I should ignore it, but it fills up the console and makes it hard to manage. Is there any way to make them stop?

Quote:A2C_PRINT from :
Bad challenge.
A2C_PRINT from :
Bad challenge.

The Bad challenge errors don't seem to be consistent either, they change to any two IP's with the same basic pattern and always end with ports 27015 and 27011.

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Possibly outdated clients trying to connect? OR the resulting output of the recently fixed server crashing / rcon stealing exploits?
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no, theres obviously something going on with the valve servers right now. im getting these errors from the master server ip's and now my server and a few others i frequent have dropped vac secured status.
KK, We need to put all this into ONE thread... There is about 5 threads with the same problem...
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this is constnantly apeering in console every 5 min or so, And then every hour or so it will loose then re-establish connection to anti cheat
I've been getting this alot on my server too. It drives me crazy. And and other problem I think may be related... My server does not show up in the steam main server list. I tried everything I know to fix it. But, for five months, this has also been a real pain in my ass.
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