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motd from my website with a scroll.
Hi. How can i make my website in the motd scrollable?
Bever this time, that was major unesscary
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(03-04-2010, 11:29 AM)killklli Wrote:  Bever this time, that was major unesscary

I am interested in knowing what game he's using. If its the ULX MOTD, that is a different fix than the built-in Counter-Strike: Source MOTD. And what if he's using TF2 which has completely different MOTD structuring?

There's a reason why its required to post the readme, and I believe the goal of this forum is to help people who can help themselves.
It's Counter Strike Source.
Well, anyone?
What is the website you want to be displayed on the MOTD?
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Well, anyone...?
Try a smaller page?
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I need to write all the rules.
IF you made a frame set to more than the height of your website then the in game scroll bar should work.

Use this:
<iframe src ="" width="100%" height="1500"></iframe>

Paste that in your motd.txt

Its going to look like crap because your website is wider than 800 and 1024px

You could just list the rules within the motd.txt
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