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Ubuntu version and kernel for DELL R210
Hello everybody, im running a Danish GSP, and weve just bought a brand new rackserver, a DELL R210

Here is the specs:

Intel Xeon 3450 @ 2.66 ghz (3.2 ghz with Turbo), HT
4 x 1 GB DDR3 sticks
2 x 250GB SATA discs

Im planning to use it mostly for private servers, so i would like to compile a new kernel, instead of the default one. Ive already used the fragaholics guide, but it didnt make any difference.. Also, i would like to know which version of Ubuntu Server to pick, im thinking of 8.04 LTS and 9.10. I already have a Phenom II server with 8.04 LTS which is working great, but i have been thinking if 9.10 might be better.

Any suggestions is welcome!

Thanks Smile
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I guess the Turbo will be bad since the cpufrequtils normally cause bad fps drops. As far i know the Turbo will reduce the vcore and Hz of one core to boost another. If I am right it is not that good for gameserverhosting.
If you are running Servers a Distro/Version of Distro that aims for stability and long time support should be your choice. That is why I would go with the latest LTS if i have to use Ubuntu. I prefere Debian stable but thats because i use their stable versions since 3.0.
What is your goal by compiling your own kernel? Removing the bloat takes quite a time and you probably wont get any performance boost. What it does is reducing the compiler and boot time.
If you are thinking of security (disable modules everything build in) It will be already to late if someone is able to load modules Wink
If you also want to run hl1 based servers you should think about the ck2 patch for the 2.6.32 kernel. If you like i can give you a compiled 64bit .deb package with minimal config and or the config
For hl1 servers the ck2 really makes a difference to the stock kernel. Also I never had any problems running srcds based server with that kernel.
Hello. I would be very interested in a sample Smile. I have tried a 2.6.32 kernel, which was a bit more stable than the stock kernel, but i couldnt hit the 1000FPS:,view.html?arg[0]=52879

Theres 10 bots in the server. How comeback that it didn't reach 1000?
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[Image: 1308107839.png]
The share this link,view;52879.html is there for a reason Wink
Your server fps seems normal to me if you do not use rescheduling and idlers. Btw you got mail
Well i have nothing else running than the server with 10 bots. But i would really like to hit the 1000FPS line constantly because i want to sell very professional servers to my customers, and many professional gamers in Denmark, is actually thinking a lot about the FPS Smile
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[Image: 1308107839.png]

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