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Removing the FPS restrictions?
Now recently i've been looking into linux servers and their benefits such as the capability of 1000fps. I stumbled across a few servers that had managed to completely remove the 1000 fps cap and get some as high as 10000fps. Now I know the potential is there but being honest I wouldn't know where to start...

As far as i'm aware the source engine is capped to 1000 fps... or is it?

Any ideas anyone?
It's not capped. There are programs out there that lie about how long a sleep is supposed to be, giving more than whatever granularity is possible on a system. I've had the engine up to the maximum size of a unsigned long for FPS, and it doesn't do jack. I wouldn't even bother trying to get into super-duper-high-fps crap because it's a waste of time, and does nothing except make a number look bigger in rcon stats.

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And uses crap loads more resources.
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