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Nightmare settings up L4D 1/2 servers...
Really too long winded to go into here, but if someone is able to spare me 20minutes on steam/msn ( I would be very grateful.

In short, no end of problems, finally got a stage where the server loads but lots of errors in the console, and it never goes in to Versus mode, despite me loading a l4d_vs map and maxplayers 8 (which AFAIK is all you need to do).

Been mucking around with server.cfg's and command lines for about 5-6 hours now and utterly fed up with it.

Any assistance would be very much appricated.



Follow the guide lines for posting in the forums and I'd be happy to help you out. I would help you over Steam/MSN, but unfortunately I am rather busy today and can keep checking back and helping you out.

I have had my fair share of problems with setting up a L4D2 server and got most of the kinks worked out and confirmed my L4D2 server is working now, so I have a pretty good understanding of them.

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Thanks Ryan, at work again at the moment but will check it out when I get home and run through it (again) seem to be so many conflicting guides on how to set these servers up, it's a nightmare!

If you're able to add me to msn/steam ( for msn and 'Gr44' for steam, I think) would be great if we can catch up later on today if possible! (Should be back around 6-7pm god willing!)



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