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Source GUI Missing Available Maps after adding new map
I run a source dedicated server GUI version works great, and has been for almost a year.the problem i have been having is when i add a new map the "available maps" list disappears.i have re-installed a fresh server ran "bare" (no plug-ins) reloaded steam. if i remove the new map
the "available maps" list comes back.( i can select and run the map fine from the admin "select map tab" in mani-plugin)just cant add to the map
cycle (with the arrows) because there is no maps there(lol)and i cant just add to "map cycle.txt" the server removes it.any ideas on this
adding map problem? Thanks for your time

To tell you the truth, most (if not all) of us use the console version.

The only thing I can think is to add the map to the server and then add it to the maplist. Make sure when you add the map to the list you don't add the file extension.
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