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Server FPS Drop
[/quote]I'm hoping someone can help me out here as i've exhausted all possible ideas i can think of aside from telling myself the server hardware can't handle the server.

Here's my delima. I'm renting a server from AoWC so my access is very limited. When the server is idle i get 512FPS no problem... this is perfect till i get to about 23 players on the server. When i start exceeding 24+ to max 32. The server FPS drop drastically. It bounces around 12-35 causing massive ingame lag.

[Image: serverload.jpg]

When talking to my provider they tell me the server is fine. When it was full i got them to check CPU and Memory usage which was @ 25%cpu and 384mb used.

Is there anything i can do to fix/find out what is going on.

My startup line is as follows:
Quote:-game tf -console +ip -port 27015 +maxplayers 32 +map pl_badwater +exec server.cfg

Here is my server.cfg
tf_weapon_criticals 1
sm_adsmysql_interval 90
sm_advertisements_enabled 1

hostname "RAILBAIT.NET |HLStatsX - New York|"
rcon_password "XXXXXXXXX"
sv_tags "Vanilla,hlstatsx,custom,3rd,railbait,trashedgamers,trashed,stats,payload,cp,cust​om maps"
sm_mapvote_endvote "0"
motdfile "motd.txt"
mapcyclefile "mapcycle.txt"
sv_downloadurl ""
sv_visiblemaxplayers 32
maxplayers 32
mp_maxrounds 2

// Set to lock per-frame time elapse
host_framerate 0

// Set the pause state of the server
setpause 0

// Control where the client gets content from
// 0 = anywhere, 1 = anywhere listed in white list, 2 = steam official content only
sv_pure 0

// Is the server pausable
sv_pausable 0

// Type of server 0=internet 1=lan
sv_lan 0

// Whether the server enforces file consistency for critical files
sv_consistency 1

// Collect CPU usage stats
sv_stats 1

// Contact & Region //

// Contact email for server sysop

// The region of the world to report this server in.
// -1 is the world, 0 is USA east coast, 1 is USA west coast
// 2 south america, 3 europe, 4 asia, 5 australia, 6 middle east, 7 africa
sv_region 0

sv_rcon_banpenalty 60
sv_rcon_maxfailures 5

// Log Settings //
log on
sv_log_onefile 0
sv_logfile 1
sv_logbans 1
sv_logecho 1


// Frame rate limiter
fps_max 600

// Min bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0 == unlimited
sv_minrate 0

// Max bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0 == unlimited
sv_maxrate 0

// Minimum updates per second that the server will allow
sv_minupdaterate 40

// Maximum updates per second that the server will allow
sv_maxupdaterate 100

// Download Settings //

// Allow clients to upload customizations files
sv_allowupload 1

// Allow clients to download files
sv_allowdownload 1

// Maximum allowed file size for uploading in MB
net_maxfilesize 15

// Team Balancing //

// Eanble team balancing
mp_autoteambalance 1

// Time after the teams become unbalanced to attempt to switch players.
mp_autoteambalance_delay 60

// Time after the teams become unbalanced to print a balance warning
mp_autoteambalance_warning_delay 30

// Teams are unbalanced when one team has this many more players than the other team. (0 disables check)
mp_teams_unbalance_limit 1

// Round and Game Times //

// Enable timers to wait between rounds. WARNING: Setting this to 0 has been known to cause a bug with setup times lasting 5:20 (5 minutes 20 seconds) on some servers!
mp_enableroundwaittime 1

// Time after round win until round restarts
mp_bonusroundtime 14

// If non-zero, the current round will restart in the specified number of seconds
mp_restartround 0

//Enable sudden death
mp_stalemate_enable 0

// Timelimit (in seconds) of the stalemate round.
mp_stalemate_timelimit 300

// game time per map in minutes
mp_timelimit 0

// Client CVARS //

// Restricts spectator modes for dead players
mp_forcecamera 1
mp_forcechasecam 1

// toggles whether the server allows spectator mode or not
mp_allowspectators 1

// toggles footstep sounds
mp_footsteps 1

// toggles game cheats
sv_cheats 0

// After this many seconds without a message from a client, the client is dropped
sv_timeout 800

// Maximum time a player is allowed to be idle (in minutes), made this and sv_timeout equal same time?
mp_idlemaxtime 500

// Deals with idle players 1=send to spectator 2=kick
mp_idledealmethod 1

// time (seconds) between decal sprays
decalfrequency 30

// Communications //

// enable voice communications
sv_voiceenable 1

// Players can hear all other players, no team restrictions 0=off 1=on
sv_alltalk 0

// amount of time players can chat after the game is over
mp_chattime 8
What's your processor? If it's a quad core, you're maxing out one core and it is a hardware issues.
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fqdn Wrote:if you've seen the any of the matrix movies, a game server is not all that different. it runs a version of the game that handles the entire world for each client connected. that's the 2 sentence explanation.
tell art of war to move you to a different box. More then likely they have you on a box that is semi-overloaded and when your server gets full the box becomes overloaded. TF2 is resource heavy and is often misjudged by game server providers.
Thanks everyone -- I got them to move me to a different box and it fixed the issue. Getting solid 512ish fps now right up to 32/32

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