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Couldnt allocate any server IP Port
Okay so im rather new to this and have been having some trouble starting up my server, i had the server on another machine previously which was linked farther away from my modem via 2 routers. I have recreated the server on this new machin that is connected to the first router connected to the modem.

This new machine keeps setting the IP address for the server as a local IP address ie "192.168.x.x". however i am needing it to get an outside address. I have attempted to use the command -ip but it keeps coming back with an error "Couldn't allocate any server IP port" and then procedes to close down the server.

I am in desperate need to get this up for community events so if there is anything that can be done it would be greatly appreciated.

Remove the IP line. There server will always say your local IP, but if you forward the right ports, people should be able to connect via your external IP. If you have 2 ROUTERS, you would need to forward from one to the other and then back to the server.
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