SRCDS Steam group

# of players on my connection
1250 uplink and 320 downlink, ADSL.

I am thinking anywhere from 2 to 7, maybe 9?
plz correct\suggest

thank you in advance

i have a CS:S dedicated linux server running on my 768/128kbit(down/up) ADSL connection and using "iftop" i see that the average bandwith usage pro user is about 15kbit/s...

i'm using my own small maps with less "prop_physics" (canisters&co), so dunno how the bandwith grows with big maps or plenty "prop_physics"...

btw. i've read that you need alot of CPU for CS:S...NOT. on my EPIA-M 600 Mhz with 4 users i have a cpu usage of ~15-20%...

HA, im running on a capped 256 kbps upload ( actually runs at around 30 kbps ) and ive hosted over 8 people with semi-high ping but they can play. Imsure if your actaully getting that upload speed you can host a 16 player server with average of 20 - 50 ping. ( depending on where they are )
you see i dontt ake those speeds from m y contract, it doesnt matter what my ISP tells me, now what i really believe is Thats where i got my numbers so dont worry and i figured with a bit less than 64kbps per person i can host a 6 player server

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