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I have a gmod server, but I have a problem with network config, I read a lot of topics about config gmod servers, but no one can help me, because I want make bigger my server (Already 32 slots -tickrate 33) to 64 slots, but when server go up to 35 players or more, server work slowly and get Lag, I tryed with some config kinds and server work wrong. Anyways, can you help me to configure my server correctly. I have a 100Mbit network host, 4GBRam and dual core processor, all necesary to make good servers and my actually networking configuration is:

sv_maxrate 50000
sv_minrate 15000
sv_maxcmdrate 33
sv_mincmdrate 20
sv_maxupdaterate 33
sv_minupdaterate 20

please help me.
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Anyone can help me please or show a good guide to configure the network setting of a garrysmod server?
Post the information in the readme:
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