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Sourcemod end of map vote not working
Hello again,

I am having a problem which based on my research seems to be caused by a combo of eventscripts and sourcemod.

What happens is at the end of each map, it is supposed to start a vote for the next map (which it does). Everyone votes and for example say they want states that the nextmap will be cs_office in the logs.

But when it actually goes to switch the map 2 mins later, it just goes to the next map in the map cycle....

HELP..... Sad
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Make sure mapchooser is in the plugins folder in Sourcemod, and not disabled. Also edit your mapchooser.cfg to fit your needs, as that could be a cause to the problem.
The mapchooser is actually already in there.

It does the end of map vote, but what happens is:

Everyone votes for de_dust2 for example, but the next map in the mapcycle.txt file is cs_office.

It says voting finished, next map is de_dust2.

When it changes the map, it changes it to cs_office.

It sort of disregards the vote.

I have seen some stuff about event scripts and sourcemod, but all of their ideas don't seem to work for me.

I also made a post on allied modders sourcemod site, but have not heard anything yet.

Any ideas?
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I'm having the same problem Sad
I think it is either from the upgrade to 1.3, or something with eventscripts interfering.

Hopefully someone can help soon.

For now I just allow rock the vote.
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It would help if you listed what plugins you were using apart from mapchooser. To my knowledge mapchooser in 1.3+ works fine, both in eventscripts and SM.
My apologies. I will list all the plugins now.

What I meant though is that people have said that eventscripts and sourcemod dont interact well with respect to the mapchooser and nextmap.smx.

meta list
Listing 7 plugins:
  [01] GoreMod (3.2.5) by c0ldfyr3
  [02] Stripper (1.2.1) by BAILOPAN
  [03] SourceMod (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  [04] CS:S Tools (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  [05] SDK Tools (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  [06] Hacks Extension ( by Knagg0
  [07] CS:S DM ( by AlliedModders

sm plugins list
[SM] Listing 28 plugins:
  01 "Rock The Vote" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  02 "Basic Info Triggers" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  03 "Maps and Prefix Maps Configs" (1.2) by graczu
  04 "Basic Votes" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  05 "Auto Name Changer" (3.0) by MoggieX
  06 "Fun Commands" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  07 "Client Preferences" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  08 "Basic Ban Commands" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  09 "Admin File Reader" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  10 "Fun Votes" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  11 "Sound Commands" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  12 "Anti-Flood" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  13 "Map Nominations" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  14 "Basic Commands" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  15 "Basic Comm Control" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  16 "Basic Chat" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  17 "MapChooser" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  18 "HLstatsX CE Ingame Plugin" (1.6.7) by psychonic
  19 "Healthkit On Death" (1.3.0) by Knagg0
  20 "Admin Help" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  21 "CS:S DM Basics" ( by AlliedModders LLC
  22 "CS:S DM Bot Quotas" ( by AlliedModders LLC
  23 "CS:S DM Preset Spawns" ( by AlliedModders LLC
  24 "CS:S DM Equipment" ( by AlliedModders LLC
  25 "CS:S DM Spawn Protection" ( by AlliedModders LLC
  26 "Nextmap" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  27 "Player Commands" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC
  28 "Admin Menu" (1.3.0) by AlliedModders LLC

Thats all my plugins.

RTV works fine. Just the end of map vote does not work. It pops up the chooser, people vote on the map and a map wins like cs_office for example, then the map changes, but goes to the next map in the map cycle.

[Image: b_560x95.png]
[Image: b_560x95.png]

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