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People can't connect to my server
First of all, hello everyone this is Krishnan,

let me come to my point,

all the server are far away from us. so we are having a ping problem and we are always autokicked so thought of creating a server.

I used SRCDS tool to create a server. The instruction i got it from Here.

my server doesn't appear in my internet or my lan tab.
so i gave them my external ip and in the console connect my ip; but still people can't connect to my server. it says failed after four tries. even i can't connect to my server
i am behind a router. with some1's help i did Port forwarding likewise told in Here

now my server is appears in my lan tab.Wink but it is not appearing in my internet tab.Sad also i can't connect to my server.not even my friends can connect my server with my external says connection failed after 4 tries? i don't know wat the problem is. is it with the port or something i don't know. ???
Please help ppl?SadSad

-console -game cstrike -tickrate 33 -ip -port 27015 -maxplayers 16 +map de_dust2 -auto update -verify_all . this is wat in srcds shortcut target.
now a prob arises. my server is saying steam validation rejected.(when i try to connect to it)

any1 want to talk to me in private
contact :

Extra info:
Firewall off both windows and modems.
External ip got from (

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