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I am running a Shellshock Mod on my server and I want to balance the weapons. I extracted the skill.cfg from the gcf and installed it in CFG folder. I added the line to make it work and it does, but the weapons change will not work if you are a combine. I worked on it for about an hour and decided that I do not have enough knowledge to do this. I could use a tutorial on how to modify the weapons so the pistol, smg1 ... etc is more powerful to compensate for the SS Mod (shotties).

I have mani, spawn protect, metamod and Shellshock on the server. SRCDS windows 32 .. stand alone.

I tried to modify the GCF, but that wont work or I don't know how. I would prefer not to modify the default ... but I will if that is what it takes.

Thanks in advance.
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