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Is it possible to have server side changes to client HUD and guns?
Ok I am wondering if it is at all possible to have the server set a new HUD for players and new models for guns. I know it is possible for players to mod there own stuff but I dont know if it is possible for the server to force them when players play one that server.

So simple list of what I want to do but dont know if its even possible yet
  • Players HUD to look different, like radar is moved and reskined the locations of HP/ammo is moved
  • Players will have different skins for Guns in game (I would perfer both when holding and when they are on the ground, but If i had to pick one it would be to change the way they look when holding them)
  • This one is more for mapping but I will still ask here, Is it possible for a map to trigger a custom event which would send info on who triggered it that a server script (eventscripts perfered) would then beable to catch and run code when it is triggered?
I believe it is possible, but I am not entirely sure. I have seen the servers force zombie hands instead of a knife in zombie mod based servers, if you take a look inside the scripts folder for CS:S you can set server gun recoil, bullet count, and there are specific sections for models too.

There are no plugins to change it but take a look in cstrike/scripts/ and decompile the .ctx files. You might be able to change those.
Ok thanks

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