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Garrys mod fast download.
I don't quite understand how the garrys mod fast download works in counter-strike if the files are not in the fast download and you have set a sv_downloadurl you will get a missing file error and be kicked out, in garrys mod you will just download phantom files everytime you join the server my question is has anyone created an .rsc for garrys mod or knows exactly what format the folder system should be in like cstrike is /cstrike thanks for anyone that helps.

Any ways, you need to do the following.

You structure will need to look like


If you find any of the following in folders in your addons, you need to copy them into the "real" folder
So if you have a addon "/addons/myshitaddon/sound/"
you need to copy it too "/sound"
okay should all of those be in a folder called /foldername/sound /foldername/materials like cstrike/sound or what ever you name the folder and it should work?

and the .rsc is the the sourcersc I thought maybe someone had heard of it, it auto bzips and uploads to the fast dl

edit: do I also make a lua folder for lua files or?
1. Yes
2. Heart of it, just diden know what the files was called.
3. No, never make a folder for lua, that is what you have in the cache folder.
so do I put the lua files in the cache folder or just when I run into the cache folder

can I use the same folder as my cstrike server?
no just put the cache files in cache files.

Now when I add something new what do I add to the cache files, theres over one thousand of them how do I know which one is new?
idk? Look? Count? Copy it all over again?

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