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Story behind sys_tickrate
Server OS: Win2k8 64bit
Processor: Dual Intel Xeon E5520's @ 2.26Ghz on hyper threading (16 cores)
Ram: 12GB DDR3
Game(s): CS:S

I plan on running professional match servers off my machines for customers, and I understand that sys_tickrate benefits the FPS? I already know with a booster and win2k8 you can hit 1K-FPS. But I have never used sys_tickrate before, and aside from 1K-FPS servers I plan on running 750FPS and 512FPS. I have never used sys_tickrate myself and I'm having trouble finding anything relating to it. The only post I found was that it should be sys_tickrate 10000 and I'm not sure on that, so I'd just like a brief explanation on the variable and what it should be set to.
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sys_ticrate is really only a command used in HLDS. In SRCDS you use -tickrate in the startup line, and sv_maxrate and sv_maxupdaterate to define tick.

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