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Maps are not being downloaded
I have problem on my Linux dedicated server, that I am not able to download a custom map, while trying to connect.
I get this errors in client console:
Counter-Strike: Source
Map: de_sunstroked
Players:  1 / 14
Build 4100
Server Number 3
Bad CRC for maps/de_sunstroked.bsp
Server is enforcing consistency for this file:
Host_Error: Server is enforcing file consistency for maps/de_sunstroked.bsp
mat_colorcorrection being forced to 0 due to sv_allow_color_correction=0.

I asked for help on alliedmods forum, also tried to google it out and followed some tutorials how to set this up, but nothing helped to me ...
I also tried to find any file (on my gaming computer) including "sun" in its name in whole steam dir - nothing found, except one "\counter-strike source\cstrike\maps\soundcache\de_sunstroked.cache" file which I deleted ...

Maybe could help if I post my config filles here:
My gaming computer config.cfg file:
My server server.cfg file:

Files in my server cstrike dir are:
File in my www server cstrike dir (at are:
I created bz2 file using linux command:
bzip2 -z de_sunstroked.bsp
Any ideas what else could be wrong? Thank you very much for ANY suggestion ...
It says CRC is bad for your map, sounds like you got a local copy that does not match the one on the server.
I thought the same, but I tried to remove all custom files from my computer and still same error ... now I figured out how to connect to server:

  1. I connect to server
  2. I am being disconnected because of CRC error
  3. I open console - type retry
  4. Now server offers bz2 file to download and I connect correctly

Any ideas why this happens?

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