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cant get more than 4 players in L4D versus server
hello people, i have an l4d versus server, but only 4 players can enter. when there are 4 inside, when another one trys to enter it says "server full".

i have +maxplayers 8 in my launch line and i have set mp_gamemode versus in my CFG.

i also have sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0. because i want to let the people enter without the lobby.

I found that if i install L4Dtoolz and i put the cvar sv_force_unreserved 1, more than 4 people can enter, but if i dont use this plugin, i cant have the server with 4 players....

i would really like to be able to have the server with more than 4 players ( 4/8 ) but WITHOUT L4Dtoolz, because it eats extra resources (cpu and ram)

whats wrong????

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