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Need a basic crash course of TF2 Windows Dedicated Servers
Alright, so I have my first two servers up and running. One is an achievement server and one is standard Valve maps. Both have SourceMod installed and running. There's a couple things I would like to know first of all.

One is how exactly to install a plugin LIKE HLStatsX but where I don't have to do the whole web server stats thing. I just want my players to see that "Name got 2 points for killing Name" message and all the other messages.

Also how can I get a custom welcome screen when someone joins one of the servers. (If you don't know what I mean, I am referring to the screen you see usually instead of the map rotation list where they have a group name or company or server info or rules, etc.).

I know these are noobish questions but I am just so lost and need some help. Thanks in advance.
I believe that HLstatsX was developed to be used with a web system... You could use some sort of SourceMod stats system... If you dont have access to a website / SQL database for HLstatsX then visit they provide free HLstatsX hosting.
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HLStatsX isn't really a server mod. It just reads the server logs in real time and send those messages via rcon. Nothing special is installed on the server.
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