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[split] Can't Connect to own Source server
i created a server using SRCDS tool..
but my friends can't connect to my server.. i gave them my external ip:27015
still it is not coming.
Even i did port forwarding with my modem.
Like going into 192.XXX.X.X;
changed port UDP etc..
but still they are not getting anything.
But the server thing say the server is running and VAC secured..

Any1 Please help;


Thanks in advance.
Silent Killer
What ports do you forward and please post the info required in the readme.
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(02-21-2010, 03:14 AM)Spartanfrog Wrote:  What ports do you forward and please post the info required in the readme.

both UDP 1200
'' 27000-27015
'' 27020 -27039

pls help
Post a screen shot of your portforwarding?
Are you giving your friends your external Ip address?
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first goto whats my ip .com then copy your ip thne send that ip to your firends they must go in game and open console then type connect then the ip you sent them
s i'm giving my external ip only but can't connect to it.. even i tried connect my external ip:

1200-1200 both UDP/TCP
27000-27015 ''
27020-27039 ''

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