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Hello , its my first post here

I've got problem with installing plugins via valve plugin VDF

i've got installed folowing plugins:
Metamod source
mani admin plugin

and everything would be fine but , when i wanted to install mattie eventscripts it just doesn't load , same thing applies to ES Tools.
i used google and found out that in some cases people had problems with ES and metamod when it is loaded from gameinfo.txt , and my problem is that whenever i add metamod/mani admin as plugin from .vdf file , server crashes
however server provider told me that console says that mattie eventscripts are working fine , but "something prevents the server to initialize and it crashes"

so in short:
when everything is installed as metamod plugins and metamod itself is installed via gameinfo.txt entry everything works fine but eventscripts don't load

and when metamod/mani admin are installed via .vdf files server crashes but logs say that eventscripts do load

sorry for my english

and please help

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