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Day of Defeat: Source Server Files RELEASED!
OMGWTFBBQ Its out!!!!

Linux admins:
./steam -command update -game "dods" -dir .

#2 they ain't there. Maybe you should not spam the steam forums with this as well as here.
id say april fools, but its not april Sad
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Please use the Commercial Pit to promote your DoD server.
You know Im getting sick of going everywhere just to see advertisements for your server...
yea, this isn't the area for advertisements.. there is a section for that.

Alfred Reynolds
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More options 1:34 pm (1 hour ago)
We have made Day of Defeat: Source available to preload. You can preload
it into a fresh location or with an existing Counter-Strike: Source or
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch installation.

To preload the server run:

Hldsupdatetool -command update -game dods -beta preload

./steam -command update -game dods -beta preload

Note that the preload does NOT give you a functional Day of Defeat:
Source server, the last little bit of the server (a couple MB worth)
will be released when the client is later today.

If you forget to put "-beta preload" on the command line then you will
not get the preload, so don't forget it.

- Alfred
Final content available now?

Updating 'Day of Defeat Source Base Content' from version 1 to version 2


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