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Recently, one of my HLDS servers has had random cpu spikes. I only have one server running on this core and every once in a while, the server will randomly freeze for 1-2 seconds and then be normal again. I did rcon stats and it would show the CPU usage at nearly 99% right after it started spiking. Pings stay normal and do not spike, only the server itself. I've googled "HLDS CPU Spike" and have seen other players experience the same thing, but I couldn't find a solution.

I am using sys_ticrate 2000 with pingbost 3 on a quad 1.86Ghz. Has anyone ever experienced this before? This doesn't seem to affect any source servers.
"stats" commands are no usable means to measure cpu usage, I've seen servers having always 99% there but running normal ^^ use "top" at linux command line instead.

but your server freezes, that indicates some real problem. I would suspect some plugin taking too much cpu. try disabling all and reenable them one by one. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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No plugins. The thing is, it only shows 99% right after it happens, every other time, rcon stats shows 5-20% usage.

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