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Clients complaining of server timeouts

I am running on Ubuntu 9.10 on the RT kernel. All is running ok....

Clients have been complaining that they are getting disconnected with an error message stating that they disconnected due to timeout.

I was under the impression that this was not server related, but related to a bug with having the friends network running.

Is this true, or is something up with my server? Someone stated that it only happens on my server.


[UPDATE] Just checked my logs today for 2/17 and the amount of client timeouts was unbelievable. What could be causing this?
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wrong net settings? or provider problems? maybe you should try a reinstallation of the game-server without any plugins or fancy settings at first. just leave everything at default (i.e. change only rcon and server name and install your maps). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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no i feel its steam screwing up again. ive been playing multiple games latley and getting alot of timeouts and also ive been running servers for a while and people just started timeing out, i feel steam screwed something up again.
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Well I did a reinstall of the server anyway. Did some testing and I did not time out. It had to be a problem with steam. My friend called me about the same issue and said he would join his server and the clients would start timing out 2-3 mins later.

Anybody see any news from steam that they are aware of this?

I stumbled upon this:
Post about client timeouts

and this

Another post about timeouts
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Ya i was having this issue on my server yesterday do not bother reinstalling. My server has been up for months now with no issues and nothing was updated on the servers end when it just started happening. Blame valve Toungue
Yeah I already redid my entire server like a moron, but whatever...

Seems to be better today.
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(02-19-2010, 07:42 AM)danooch13 Wrote:  Yeah I already redid my entire server like a moron, but whatever...

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I have been having this timeout issue as well, and have seen the same with many of my regularly visit TF2 servers.

This issue started happening to me 2 days ago, out of the blue (as it hasn't been TF2/Steam client update over the past few days).

My testing server at home has been fine though. For the testing server, besides Metamod & SourceMod, I usually have only 1 or 2 plugins running. Are you running any SM plugins that use the socket extension?

Also, since the TF2 update previous to the last, my game always crashes during the 1st run. After restarting the game, everything is fine.
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Everything was fine last night, no more timeouts. I mean I saw one or two, but nothing like the other night.

I dont have any socket extensions with sourcemod.

It must have been a steam issue.
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It was an issue with the steam cloud, the hlds mailing list was full of the same issue when it happened... I believe it is resolved now.
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