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HLDS runs 1000fps w/o rt kernel?
My hlds servers run 1000fps w/o a realtime kernel on Centos 5.3. When I install it on my rt kernel, I'm told the game runs "fast". What's going on here?
this isn't really connected to the kernel. hlds "thinks" there is no way it could run faster than with 1000fps, so every time it finds it's fps to be bigger than 1000 it sets it to 1000fps. unfortunately this has the effect that the game runs e.g. twice as fast if the actual fps are 2000. the "stats" command will never show those high fps, because hlds does this limitation already there.

try lowering your sys_ticrate or use a different pingboost setting. usually this happens when using pingboost 3 together with sys_ticrates > 2000 or so. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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It's because there is an issue where the internal hz of the game is altered by the sys_ticrate divisor and it's a larger number than the game expects for animations and other physics; you will have to either use pingboost of 2 or lower the sys_ticrate. Pingboost 3 sucks up too much CPU anyways and it does more harm than good.

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