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you did kind of misunderstood me, I think...

first, not the number of fps is important but the time for each frame. your 4,294,000,000fps server saves one ~1ms compared to a 1000fps server, that's the same as the difference between 1000 and 500fps.

seconds, it has nothing to do with closed or open source. of course if we would have access to the source code we could see what is actually happening and thus make a direct conclusion. but only because a conclusion was gained indirectly it does not mean it is not a proof.

third, as I said, it is probably not so important that each frame lasts exactly the same time. important is that each game packet is processed as soon as possible after it arrived at the server.

and last, what kind of players did you use for the test and what conditions were they playing under? you will need some professional team playing wars. some noobs pubbing for a while won't see any difference of course. and was it a double blind test (i.e. did even you not know how many fps the server was running at)?

ps: I am a scientist in real life. believe me, I know how to make such tests and how to proof something... in my science all conclusions are indirect, because it is it's job to find the underlying principles. that doesn't make it less scientific. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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1.) You can still have low latency per each frame. I have found a way to do this, but I am not going to publish my code because I don't want people stealing my I.P and trying to sell it to a bunch of kiddie gameserver companies.

2.) It has plenty to do with it. You post a website where people can measure 'quality'. Quality of what? You can't gauge 'FPS quality' without knowing exactly how the engine works! This is blindly telling users that stable FPS is good, then providing them with speculation about it based on a few graphs, a wiki entry, and whatever else is on your site.

3.) I had various people test it, competitive people, pubbers, etc. They didn't know, and I assure you it was running at 100fps, 100tick the entire time. Nobody complained when it was 100 vs 1000. There was 2 users that complained, but they were having high ping issues due to comcast having issues on their CMTS (same city)

Lastly, I will add that you being a scientist in real life is irrelevant to game server discussion.

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