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Error on server
Since the update my server was ****ed . i went to play games then source dedicated server then there was a error saids:

Runtime Error!

Program\USERNAME\source dedicated server\srcds.exe

-pure virtual function Call

wot happened? HELP!
if you run any plugin, like mani, beetlemod, or anything.. they need to be disabled, or upgraded... i know mani has an upgrade to fix it.. and beetlemod i have heard has an update to fix it.. other then that i don't know.. either disable it, or upgrade if its avaiable..
tHx i upgraded mani mod now my server works Toungue

I was still getting the error with the Mani ez update.
try deleting the .dat files.. i think that has something to do with it if i remember right.. you will lose all the mani stats though.. it might work. will the server run without mani?
Already tried that.... I get the crash when the bot.cfg is enabled.....

If I turn off the bots, no crashes! Ideas?
well i have heard there having a lot of problems with bots now.. and quite randomly.. cuz theres people that run bots just fine, like me, and theres others that if they start with bots they crash in 5 mins, as far as i know they don't have a reason yet.

-edit- i seem to remember something about deleting the hl2 folder in the srcds install.. and re running the update tool to get it all again.... that may of helpd someone for this, or maybe it was something else? i don't know! maybe worth trying though.. lol.

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