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TF2 - Pure_Server_Whitelist
Hey guys, just wondering why my pure_server_whitelist woulden't be working, I have It set up correctly, or so I think it is. All I want to do is block a few texture files and allow everything else, here is my pure_server_whitelist.txt.
    hl2\materials\Dev\dev_measuregeneric01.vtf             from_steam
    materials\Dev\dev_measuregeneric01b.vtf                from_steam
    materials\customdev\dev_measuregeneric01blu.vtf        from_steam
    materials\customdev\dev_measuregeneric01red.vtf        from_steam    
    materials\Dev\dev_measuregeneric01.vmt                 from_steam
    materials\Dev\dev_blendmeasure.vmt                     from_steam
    materials\customdev\dev_measuregeneric01blu.vmt        from_steam
    materials\customdev\dev_measuregeneric01red.vmt        from_steam

I tested to check If I can use custom textures for these files and I could even tho the server was on sv pure 1 with this white list, know any reason why It wouldn't be working?

Thanks a lot.
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So I just went ahead and used the default white list settings.
materials\...                       from_steam
models\...                          from_steam
sound\...                           from_steam
models\player\...                   allow_from_disk
materials\models\player\...         allow_from_disk
materials\temp\...                  allow_from_disk
materials\vgui\logos\...            allow_from_disk
materials\vgui\logos\ui\...         allow_from_disk
Server took a little while to load up but everything is fine now, thanks a lot.
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